Yuriy Karmazin, "Medvedchuk can easily become prime minister ... in exchange for cheaper gas "

The leaders of resistance to dictatorship of the Committee (DCC) has repeatedly stated the need to coordinate the actions of all its members. Today they are almost every day, but within the United Opposition, are chairmen of election headquarters in the regions. And in Zhytomyr even named candidates for majoritarian districts. Recall, «BLOW» Klitschko and «Citizenship» Gritsenko not included in the CSD. Taken into account in this case is whether the interests of all participants in CDS? As the opposition is going to monitor the electoral process? We talk in an interview with People's Deputy Yuriy Karmazin.

«The first question AT THE MEETING WAS PR in the Star:» WHERE MONEY FOR COUNTY? "

— Yuri Anatolievich, from your point of view of the Committee of resistance to dictatorship and the United Opposition — identical concepts?

 — No. Committee of resistance to dictatorship — a much broader concept than what so far is the United Opposition. You can identify the notion of the DCC and the Ukrainian opposition, because the latter is practically the whole of the Committee. In the United Opposition is only 6 out of 11 parties.

— Your party is in opposition to the Joint?

 — Do not you have seen one of six at the Forum? Our party included in the Ukrainian opposition. We have signed the first agreement that went into the DCC. But to create such a union of our party suggested earlier — August 24 last year. At this time, and from the «Front zmin» and the «Fatherland» and the other parties have been calls to go to the polls in several columns.

— What happened then?

 — Then there was the famous letter to Yulia Tymoshenko Lukyanovka from prison (in November of 2011), in which she urged the opposition to unite. Also in these political forces came his metamorphosis.

— Why did you not been on stage at the Forum, the opposition?

 — I was sitting among the participants. Why was not I invited to the stage and gave the word, the question is not for me — to lead the Forum. I frankly did not expect such a development. It is also significant that at the St. Michael's Square was declared policy principles differed from what we have gained at the meetings of the DCC.

— The fact of the matter, that the united opposition is separate and does not want to see in your part of all parties to the DCC, including yours.

 — I would not like to aggravate the conflict. But they exist objectively. Our party has done much to Yulia Tymoshenko's presidential election, we realized what an enormous threat facing Ukraine, but, unfortunately, failed to win. But those people who did everything to ensure that Tymoshenko was the president, actually helping the other side, today, were among those who called the United Opposition. Obviously, they have somewhat different ideological goals.

— Who are these people?

 — I do not want anyone to personalize or call any political force.

On the eve of the Forum, we said that the very first requirement should be the immediate release of Tymoshenko, Lutsenko, Ivashchenko, Filipchuk and other opposition leaders. Should have been warning the authorities announced that in the event of failure of this requirement will be carried out political strike warning. And again, if the government will not make concessions — to hold all-Ukrainian strike. Both Tymoshenko and Lutsenko to be on the electoral list, that is not relieved after, but before the election. We want a real victory for all Ukraine — and the lists, and the majority districts. The first question at a meeting of the Party of Regions «Zoryane» was — and where the funds for the neighborhood? That's what got it. This trade in the public interest for personal and party purposes. The opposition should be shoulder to shoulder, to the power plans were not fulfilled. For example, I do everything to ensure that Klitschko is also a member of the Ukrainian opposition. Returning to the definition of the candidates: DCC is not going about it.

«IF lost the election, the perpetrators must be put down the mandates»

— How? Yatseniuk has already presented the candidates of the United Opposition in Zhytomyr. In Poltava, Cherkassy, ​​Odessa, by the way, where you have twice been elected a deputy to mazhoritarke, he also presented the Presidents election headquarters.
PHOTO Ruslan buzzard / «The Day»

 — Of course, it's not very good. I think that common sense did prevail, and candidates in all areas will be agreed upon by all members of the DCC. This is why it was created. Otherwise — why would such a structure?

— And you, personally, where you are going to run?

 — Neither I nor the defenders of the Motherland Party is not decided on the format of the elections. We can not separate ourselves from the DCC and are doing nothing to deal with their own selfish projects. At the same time, if the Ukrainian opposition will not have a large format, I do not rule out that there are various other formats of participation of our party in the elections, including — me personally. Behind me in the part of majority vote (twice), two more times, I was elected to parliament on the party lists, I have experience of managing a regional election headquarters. Officially, our position will I be able to make public only after the completion of negotiations and the meeting of the Political Council and the Congress. If no action is taken to unite all the opposition forces (and those who are included in the CSD, and those who are not included), responsible for the consequences should be the leaders of the political forces that have hindered this process. If the elections are lost, these people should resign his parliamentary mandates.

— How do you assess the candidates of the opposition mazhoritarschikov in Zhytomyr? For example, whether a pan Frenchman beat the current speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn, who is likely to run for district number 65?

 — Did not produce collective decisions — who, where and to whom should resist — we risk losing. Some candidates may get defeated because, in our opinion, they are rotten. I do not want to personalize, but I think that the Zhytomyr — this is the first experience, the primaries, he loves to say Vitali Klitschko. This is a test of public opinion. I do not believe that these candidates are final. And who said that other opposition forces are not nominated for these districts their candidates? No one. While no hard agreement, any option is possible.

— In an interview with «Day» BYuT Serhiy Sobolev said that such parties will be excluded from the CSD, and they will not be eligible to nominate their candidates in general.

 — We are working out common rules for CBC, and I would like them to be binding on all. Selectivity, which is now beginning to appear, we criticize. We can not allow a situation where an opposition candidate will be selected voices from the other. I think the time will come when the leaders of political parties understand this. I hope it happens before they start perestukivatsya.

— So called on Tymoshenko and the opposition will soon publish their lists. Why is this process is delayed?

 — As mazhoritarschikov, I believe that there is no urgent need to articulate the names. After all, as only some of them began to be active against them immediately prosecuted. For example, this occurred in Dnepropetrovsk. We need to act very carefully, to consider three or four candidates and analyzing the reaction of people, the elites, the best choice. As for the lists. They must be of the highest quality and those who would unite everything looks. But before you create the lists, you must first think about the formation of election headquarters. After the power is working very brazen. We saw there was bribery of voters under the guise of congratulations on Victory Day. Distributed food parcels — in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa ... Reactions to such action, of course, there is no. CEC is silent, in their opinion, the electoral process has not started yet. But there is legislation to combat corruption. It enables you to stop those who buy votes.


— Lists of the candidates — that's half the work. How are you going to control the elections?

 — Control of the election shall be by order of magnitude better than in the Russian Federation. Ukrainian government should do everything to make at each site were installed webcam. They should work in online-mode completely for all citizens of Ukraine. It takes about 500 million USD. Considering how much power is going to be spent on bribing voters, it is not so much. In the future — technology is not lost, it can be used in the upcoming presidential election. I am convinced that this method of monitoring the election process will be interested not only the opposition but also power. Because she wants to recognize these elections the world. However, its behavior, particularly in majority districts, indicates the opposite — these elections are unlikely to recognize. See how a leading son of the President in Kirovograd. There already sent some funds. In parallel, preparations for the formation of election commissions. All this reinforces the need for videofiksatsii elections, not just on election day, but during the counting of votes. The Committee shall provide resistance to the dictatorship of his candidacy — from the undisputed authority and experience of the opposition, which would oversee this process. I can name a candidate — a people's deputy Oleksandr Elyashkevich several terms.

— How do you assess the possibility of the return of Alexander Elyashkevicha to politics?

 — I believe that the policies that were fair to the Ukrainian people, in fact, suffered for it (it is proved that the attack was done Elyashkevicha because of his political activities, and I personally made three calls about it), must return in politics. In addition Elyashkevicha, for example, can be Levko G. Lukyanenko.

— Was the question of opposition to video surveillance?

 — In general, raised the issue of control, but about videofiksatsii not yet spoken. I hope we will hear. Tymoshenko, Yatseniuk, Turchinov, Kozhemyakin, Martynenko and others should be interested in this proposal. Given that we have decided not to amend the election law so as not to provoke the undemocratic changes of government, the decision on video surveillance in the election can be made through the Central Election Commission.

— Tihipko has said that the government is making every effort to make the elections were fair and democratic. How do you think it really?

 — Tigipko does not solve any issues in the Party of Regions. I would like to see in power won common sense. Otherwise, international isolation is provided to us. I hope that a critical mass of regionals, and there are not happy with the leadership of the government, the situation in Parliament, which has become a knopkodavov, and they openly talk about it, will win. Especially revealing was the case with the election of the Ombudsman. Every vote regionals checked — they showed their ballots. Balloting has turned into the open. And this is a clear violation of the law. Authorities have not answered the key question — what were these explosions in Kiev? Are these bombings were carried out only in order to bring the power of the Ombudsman? Is there any reason at all to terrorism? Obviously not, the authorities simply used this mechanism to solve their problems. I do not rule out that under the election of such a thing could happen again.

Local elections have shown how the power of falsifying elections. When, for example, almost 50% of those who took part in the vote in the election the mayor of Odessa, voted for the Hurwitz and beat the other candidate. And once we used the enormous forces of the police to surround all the bags of ballots. However, only a large scale, it can happen on Election of People's Deputies. Especially because distrust of elections is already incorporated by the intervention of the Constitutional Court, which deprived the right to vote in the election by majority of all who are abroad. And that one-fifth of Voters of Ukraine, having the right to vote. Party of the Regions understands that the majority of Ukrainians abroad are not their supporters, so through the COP has already made a significant backlog in the elections. All this indicates that the society should also monitor the elections.

— After all, what do you think the power will go out to monitor the elections with the help of CCTV?

 — If the company picks up the initiative, if we hear the proposals of parliamentarians of other countries ready to help technically, financially, then the idea will work. The government will have no way out.


— The election of Viktor Medvedchuk to activate it?

 — The whole country is filled with billboards in Russian. Moreover, against the backdrop of the Russian flag speaks of Ukrainian selection. Ukrainian flag there is no reason, even parity. The fact that we have allowed propaganda in favor of any state suggests that national interests are not protected.

Undoubtedly, Medvedchuk — a serious player, but in this case we are talking about zombies Ukrainians Russian tricolor and a set of phrases. Is this the return? Rather, it is a reminder about yourself, and most importantly — it is an attempt to return immediately to one of the highest seats in the state. Rather, the post of prime minister or head of the Presidential Administration. At least he did not agree. This will be the price for the cheapest gas in Ukraine. But I just say, we do not need cheaper gas. I am sincerely grateful to Putin and Medvedev for the fact that they are so raised the price of gas that we have finally started to think about the development of oil shale deposits. We are the largest in Europe. A few years ago I said that from an importer, we can turn into a gas exporter, to become completely independent of energy the country. The faster we do this, the sooner this will stop the dictates — who we appoint as prime minister. And in the case of Medvedchuk was on it and rides a hint — about twice the Qom led by the Ukrainian government. Yes, by Medvedchuk preparedness could be prime minister, but the criteria for this state of devotion to this post and not close at bay. Billboards proof.

— How could this happen?

 — After the destruction of the legislature, we all decided the President, including the appointment of heads of government. This suggests that Medvedchuk can easily become prime minister. Its expensive advertising, a comprehensive (across Ukraine), obviously, this is not done in order to go somewhere in the majority districts, and spending tens of millions of dollars to buy it wholesale and become a people's deputy. So much today is District — $ 10 million. By the way, the cost of advertising on billboards for the government and the opposition has a difference — two and a half times in the interests of power.

— To what extent this scenario realistic?

 — The odds are great. Especially given the fact that Ukraine is not able to make the Russian Federation to be equal with us in the sale of gas. Almost all countries in the price of gas is reduced, and the Ukraine, no. I know that the proposed $ 230 per thousand cubic meters and the Prime Minister, you have Medvedchuk.

— Yanukovych will go for it?

 — In a situation where we are in preddefoltovom state when the machine is working on printing money, increasing the likelihood of this scenario. A small example. I went to the Vladimirsky market, buy vegetables, and the woman said to me, with me today have six brand new bills paid off. This indicates that the machine is running. According to our data, since the beginning of the year have been printed over 20 billion USD. Based on this, as well as from the fact that no efforts are being made to establish its own production of energy (all, only talk about liquefied natural gas terminals, although it was possible to construct a long time ago and forgotten), and above all to preserve the power of the Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovych could take such a step. But for him it would be suicidal step. Because Medvedchuk do not even need the prime minister, he wants the highest office. By the way, Yanukovych is well understood. This is a pessimistic scenario for Ukraine, and a reason to think the opposition. And not only that.

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